The Lamb Company

The Finest Grassfed Lamb from New Zealand.

For pasture to plate flavor, New Zealand Spring Lamb is first choice.

From pasture to plate, we focus on quality.

New Zealand Spring Lamb is the #1 brand in North America for imported lamb from New Zealand. That’s because we’ve been focused on quality above all for over 50 years.

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Grass-Fed, no added antibiotics or hormones either

New Zealand Spring Lamb is raised in pristine pastures throughout New Zealand with no added antibiotics or hormones to ensure that our lambs are raised as nature intended. This creates the perfect conditions for perfect lamb products every time.

About Us

Over 50 Years of Quality.

Lamb Products You Can Trust

The New Zealand Spring Lamb brand reputation is based on our over 50 years of delivering top-quality lamb products to the North American market. We were among the first to focus on grass-fed, antibiotic-free lamb with no added hormones or growth promotants. That’s because we care about giving you the best possible lamb products to cook with.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver freshness 365 days a year


Delivering the finest quality lamb year-round.

New Zealand Spring Lamb is available 12 months out of the year because we know our customers need lamb on their menus year-round, whether at home or in restaurant kitchens. We aim to please by making sure New Zealand Spring Lamb is available when you need it.

Raised by Family Farmers

New Zealand Spring Lamb is raised by the finest family farmers throughout New Zealand. Our farmers participate in a cooperative model which allows them to earn an honest living from raising the finest lamb and sheep.


Our farmers do not use sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Because our animals are raised in wide-open pastures, there is very little risk of illness that would require the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics.


Because we believe in raising our lambs in the most all-natural way, our animals are never administered any hormones or growth promotants by our farmers. This leads to the best tasting, naturally raised lamb from New Zealand.



Our Commitment

Raising the Finest Lamb

New Zealand Spring Lamb is focused on providing you with the finest quality lamb available on the market period. That means we take painstaking care to ensure our lambs are raised to our exacting standards.

Uncompromising Quality

Our farmers and processors are committed to making sure each and every single New Zealand Spring Lamb product is cut specifically to ensure the most enjoyable experience in the kitchen.

Fresh, Delicious Lamb When You Want It

We work to ensure New Zealand Spring Lamb is available year round so it’s available for special occasions and everyday occasions alike.