Quick Weeknight Recipes

Curry Lamb Chops

Reward yourself after a busy day with these quick and satisfying lamb dishes! Lamb Loin and Lamb Loin Chops cook quickly, making them a fantastic option for getting dinner on the table in record time. Lamb kebobs are another great choice for a speedy weeknight meal and are delicious added to a tabbouleh salad or a pita for lunch the next day!

 Sticky Chinese Five Spice Lamb Chops

This sweet and savory dish goes from prep to plate in under 25 minutes!

 Lemon Lamb Kebobs

By marinating the cubed Lamb Shoulder overnight, you reduce your cooking time to just 20 minutes!

 Sliced Loin with Rosemary

Elevate your weeknight meals with the classic combination of lamb and rosemary.

 Lamb Chops with Thai Green Curry Dipping Sauce

Grilled Lamb Chops with Thai green curry dipping sauce are perfect for an impromptu dinner for two.

 Lamb Loin in Olive Crust with Bulgur

Create an impressive meal in under an hour!