General Cooking Methods

With so many different cuts of New Zealand Spring Lamb available, the culinary possibilities are endless! If you’re hosting a dinner party at your place, a classic roast or grilled Leg of Lamb are sure to impress your guests. Looking for something simple and ready in minutes? Pan-fried or grilled Lamb Loin go from prep to plate in a flash. Lamb Shanks become the ultimate comfort food after being slowly braised, rewarding your patience with fall-off-the-bone, tender meat. From Shank to Shoulder, New Zealand Spring Lamb lets your culinary creativity roam in the kitchen.

The absorption pad found at the bottom of packaging is used to absorb any moisture and blood, and should be discarded.

For product with netting, the netting should be left on to hold the de-boned pieces together.
Directions: Leave the netting on a boneless cut of lamb until it is fully cooked, then cut it off with a pair of kitchen shears being careful not to cut or burn yourself.